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The Echoes of Holloway Prison Exhibition ran at Islington Museum, from the 13th of July to the 8th of October 2018. The exhibition was accompanied by a varied events programme.  

View our 2018 Echoes of Holloway Prison Events Programme below, and discover more about each event on our blog.

Walk: Winning the Vote: Islington Women

Islington has been a key battlefield in the fight for women’s rights. This 90-minute walk, led by a local Islington and City Guide, introduced visitors to the suffragettes held at Holloway in their campaign for the vote, their attempt to blow up the prison and the site of the first birth control clinic for women.

 Staged Reading: Constance and Kelly                               

Constance Markievicz: Suffragette! Socialist! Soldier!
Pardoned from a death sentence after the Irish Easter rising in 1916, Constance is sent to HMP Holloway where she meets Kelly McCoy.  It’s 2015 and Kelly got 3 months for stealing baby milk…She’s off the drugs and away from her abusive boyfriend and alcoholic mother. What can these 2 women do for each other? 
Written and directed by Laura McCluskey, this piece includes graduates of Clean Break and was performed at Islington Museum.

Workshop: Writing Holloway Prison

Resident artist and musician Hannah Hull led a writing workshop based on her creative process, producing poetry and music inspired by the stories of Holloway Prison. Visitors were invited to use the images, objects and stories of the exhibition to inspire their own creative writing.

Discover more here.

Talk: Freedom fighters or Bad Girls?

Caitlin Davies, novelist, non-fiction and award-winning journalist, gave two talks at the Cat and Mouse Library and Finsbury library in August 2018. Her recent book, Bad Girls: A History of Rebels and Renegades grew out of her long-standing interest in Holloway Prison.

On 21st June 1906 the first suffragette was sent to Holloway Prison, the most infamous jail for women in Europe. In total, around 1300 suffragettes were arrested between 1906 and 1914, with the majority ending up in Holloway. In this talk, Caitlin explored what ‘crimes’ they committed, how they resisted prison discipline, and whether imprisonment strengthened their cause.

Talk: Minnie Lansbury

Minnie Lansbury was an East End Suffragette, socialist,school teacher, champion of the victims of war, and rebel councillor. She was held at Holloway Prison for six weeks following the Poplar Rates Rebellion in 1921 which won its fight to redistribute funding from rich to poorer boroughs. Janine Booth shared her story with an audience at Finsbury Library.

Workshop: Walking Holloway Prison

Resident artist and musician Hannah Hull led a tour around the outside perimeter of Holloway Prison. Visitors joined her to explore the physical and social relationship between the prison and the local area.

Workshop: Protest! Screen-printing.

Holloway Prison has always been a site of protest, from the imprisonment of the suffragettes to the recent protests around its closure.Visitors joined us to discover more about the prison’s relationship with protest and to learn how to create their own screen-printed protest banner.

Workshop: The Empty Space of Holloway Prison

Led by Carly Guest and Rachel Seoighe of Middlesex University, this workshop explored photographs taken of Holloway Prison after it closed. Investigating the images, we discussed what we can learn about prison life and how women held at Holloway made the space their own. The group spoke about institutional spaces, women and punishment, memory, the potential and limits of photography, and visual research methodologies.

Workshop: Reclaiming Holloway

In May 2017, North London Sisters Uncut occupied Holloway Prison’s Visitors Centre, claiming the space for the local community. In this session, a representative from Sisters Uncut spoke about the act of reclaiming Holloway Prison and explored ways to create radical community spaces.

Discover more here.

Under 5’s Storytelling: Suffragettes!

Storyteller Dani took four groups of under 5’s on a journey back in time to meet some real life heroines. In a playful and interactive session, children discovered the meaning behind the suffragette colours, how the suffragettes fought for their rights and learnt about the suffragette who knew jujitsu.

Family Day: Inside Out Holloway!

Inspired by the badge awarded to all suffragettes held at Holloway Prison, artist Alice May Williams led two family workshops exploring the history of protest at Holloway, inside and out. Families created their own protest banners, badges and flags, about issues important to them.

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