Hidden voices from behind the walls


The voices of people who lived and worked at the prison have been crucial to understanding the story of Holloway Prison. Use the links below to hear some of the voices from behind the walls.


Download or listen online to these six podcasts which feature excerpts of many of the oral histories collected during the project. Each reflects a specific theme that came out of our work.

Note: these are not suitable for people under 18 and contain some distressing themes.


Holloway Prison was built in the 1850s and then rebuilt from 1970 to 1985. Following its closure, the site is being redeveloped and nothing of the old prison will remain. This audio trail will take you on a journey around the perimeter of the prison that is no longer there. Download the audio tracks and map here, or pick up a hard copy at Islington Museum/Islington Cat and Mouse Library.


The project has collected 29 oral histories, representing former prisoners, prison officers, education staff, healthcare, governors, charities and activists. If you would like to hear more get in touch with Islington Museum where the collection is held.


Our resident artist, Hannah Hull, was inspired by many of the stories recorded by Islington Museum in the oral histories. With her band, Burning Salt, she recorded the DIRT EP in response.

DIRT can be downloaded for free with a code available from Islington Museum or you can listen for free online (3 plays only).