See into the heart of the prison


As part of the project we made three films exploring stories of Holloway Prison. The first is a simple introduction to the stories, the second looks at the Holloway chronology and the last includes additional voices from the oral histories.

The films were all made by volunteers with Islington Museum and Chocolate Films. They feature the following interviewees: Mary Connolly (Prison Cookery Teacher), Mandy Ogunmokun (Former Prisoner and Drugs Rehabilitation worker), Vicky Pryce (Former Prisoner and Economist), Simon Peters (Former Prison Officer) and Maureen Mansfield (Holloway Prison Stories).

This film tells the story of Holloway Prison and its closure through interviews with five people connected to the prison.
A Chronology of Holloway Prison
COMING SOON: A Chronology of Holloway Prison
COMING SOON: The Voices of Holloway Prison

Note: these are not suitable for people under 18 and contain some distressing themes.

We have also worked with artists and film-makers during the project:


Postcards from Prison, 'Time to put the handcuffs on!'

Erika was held at Holloway Prison until its closure. Following her arrest she discovered herself in art. She drew at least one postcard every day during bail, imprisonment and release. This short film shows just a fraction of the postcards -to see more visit her website, Recorded In Art.


A film made by director, Rob Munday, using oral histories from the project and photographs Rob took after the prison closed.

Contains very strong language.