Hidden Voices

This project aims to uncover hidden stories from Holloway Prison. We have been lucky to work with groups and individuals whose stories of the prison are vital to the project.

Holloway Prison Stories

Holloway Prison Stories

Holloway Prison Stories is a project that shares stories about HMP Holloway, collected and contributed by those who have known it.  Their aim is to offer a realistic and recognisable Holloway through the stories. To read more of the stories or contribute your own please go to their website.



Postcards from PrisonPostcards

Erika discovered herself in Art following her arrest. She drew at least one postcard every day for the last 3 months of her 6 month period of her time on Bail and throughout her whole period of incarceration and subsequent release. Erika was held at Holloway Prison until its closure. Her postcards are on display in the exhibition and online. Work by Erika will be on show at the Koestler awards exhibition at the Southbank Centre from 19 September to 4 November 2018.Koestler.png


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