We have many different ways you can take part in the project. Throughout the project, volunteers have worked on the following:

Collections: Looking at the objects and collections we hold from the prison

  • Researching
  • Updating our database
  • Writing short blogs/information about specific elements
  • Repacking
  • Photographing

Exhibitions research, writing etc.: Supporting exhibition work

  • Researching
  • Text writing
  • Image selection/copyright checking
  • Development of interactive elements
  • Evaluation planning

Programme/ marketing: Helping to develop a programme and market it

  • Discussing and planning events
  • Writing copy/selecting images
  • Social Media
  • Dissemination

Evaluation: Supporting our evaluation to measure how the project achieves its aims

  • Training 3rd July
  • Collecting evaluation at events
  • Compiling evaluation

Events:  Working with museum staff to support at events. This includes helping set-up/shut-down, participating and supporting participants, evaluation (as per above)

  • Early years and family events
  • Adult workshops, events and talks
  • Seminar relating to project
  • To help take the story out around the borough to different groups

If you are interested in volunteering just get in touch with Roz on roz.currie@islington.gov.uk or call on 020 7527 2837.

Greenham Common Badge
Greenham Common Badge (Image: Glasgow Women’s Library)