DIRT EP -Burning Salt

Dirt poster

Hannah Hull is the resident artist on the Echoes of Holloway Prison project. She has been working with the stories and photographs captured from the prison.

Hannah, with her band Burning Salt, has responded to these stories with song on the DIRT EP. DIRT is available on all major streaming platforms and can be downloaded for free with a code available from the museum.


See videos of three songs from DIRT, here:

Download Videos

Or you can listen for free online (3 plays only) here:


There is a review of the DIRT EP on the Folking website.

Hannah has also produced a limited edition booklet entitled ‘Echoes’ which includes a series of short poems, and a selection of photographs of the prison taken by Roz Currie, taken just after its closure in 2016. This is available for free at Islington Museum.

She says: “Many of the stories left me in tears. Not just because of the horror contained within them, but also the strength. The incredible human strength. I wanted to provide a platform for the stories and themes contained within them to be heard, listened to, connected with. These stories complicate the issue of prisons. They demand empathy, and confuse narratives of punishment.”