“It is important for everyone to know about the stories of women in prison”
– Project Participant


During this project we were struck by the lack of knowledge about the lives of women in prison. This learning pack is intended to help schools, youth groups, college and university students and community groups access stories from behind the prison walls. Use this pack as a starting point to explore women’s experiences of prison through oral histories, objects, chronology, film and audio.


Throughout this project the team learnt and developed their thinking around complex narratives, working with challenging subjects and supporting meaningful collaboration and co-curation. Some of our learning can be found below:

Echoes of Holloway Prison -Learning from the team (COMING SOON)

Using Empathy to Unlock the Stories of Holloway Prison – Museum-iD -An article from the 2019 Museum Idea’s conference

mdnw_contemporarycollectingtoolkit_july2019.pdf (wordpress.com) -We feature as a case-study in this contemporary collecting toolkit

https://eprints.mdx.ac.uk/27895/Familiarity and strangeness: seeing everyday practices of punishment and resistance in Holloway Prison by Carly Guest and Rachel Seoighe. An article relating to the photographs we took at Holloway Prison from our partners at Middlesex University.

Project participants work at a table
Project participants explore photographs of Holloway Prison